100% Sustainability


Ceramics is one of the most durable materials available. One of the oldest ceramic objects that have been found can be estimated to be 26,000 years old. Ceramic is a material that withstands great stress, is waterproof and does not rust. For example, spacecraft are built with components made of ceramic materials.



Working with clay in a sustainable way means making use of all waste material and minimizing what is thrown away. Before the clay is burned for the first time, it is completely recyclable. This means that any sludge that ends up in the splatter bowl can be dried out and then reused. Clay that has dried can be soaked up, worked and then used again.



I rarely throw away clay and try to reuse as much as possible. Sometimes I may have different types of clay that are too small to be used for a mug or similar. These leftover lumps I knead together and turn and build something with. If you see a mark " reclaim " in the corner of my products, the product has been made from different types of clay!