Located about 9 km north of Siena is La Gavina - a small, family-run organic farm and inn in the countryside. For over 30 years, they have welcomed guests with warmth and simplicity among Tuscan hills, oak forests, olive trees and meadows.

The medieval building was renovated with the intention of retaining the original architecture and character. The interior is decorated with typical rustic original furniture and still retains the expression of the old country houses.

Now they have opened their doors to us and invite you to a magical week of ceramics, good food and fantastic views!

The course has a maximum of 10 participants per week.


27 May – 2 June FULLY BOOKED

7 – 15 June FULLY BOOKED

7 – 14 September FULLY BOOKED

You book your own flight to either Florence or Pisa, Italy and can then get to La Gavina, which is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from the airport either by train or taxi.

If you need help with this, we can of course help for a fee.

The price includes three meals a day and wine for lunch and dinner.

All participants share a double room, but if you want your own room, it is a different price.

Note that there is a limited number of rooms so first come first served!

Dive into the world of ceramics where, together with Sabina Morin, you will learn about the properties of clay, how to sculpt and create. You will be able to have what you create sent to you after the end of the course (limited number of works).

During one of the days we will visit the local potter and his workshop where your stuff will be fired.

In addition to ceramics, you are invited to a tasting menu of pecorino and wine in the garden with local products, barbecue evening in the garden and music evening.

The owner and chef Emiliano also shows the traditional way of making pasta by hand, where you can also try making your own pasta.

There will be a movie night in the barn with a big screen, an excursion to a vineyard in the Chianti area and the opportunity to get around on your own if you want to explore the nearby villages.


The cost of shared accommodation, food and supplies is SEK 13,700.

Cost for own accommodation, food and supplies is SEK 15,000.

The flight is not included.

After a confirmed registration, a first partial payment of 20% takes place within 7 days. Final payment takes place 45 days before departure.

In case of cancellation, you lose your deposit.


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